One Colour Candles

One Colour Candles as we refer it to. This is a style that adds one colour to a candle. Whether you like it to be a pastel blue or a bright glossy hot pink. It all comes down to true craftsmanship. rawLight’s candle makers are masters of colours and design to bring your next event to light.

These Dining Candles have been developed with premium quality in mind. From dependable burning performance to high-quality construction and professional presentation, these candles will create an incredible ambiance for any occasion. Available in a wide range of vibrant colours & finishes, you can be confident in finding the perfect design to fulfil your needs. Our candles are made from high-quality food-grade paraffin wax, our waxes are free from heavy metals & toxins and are FDA certified. We use gorgeous 100% cotton wicks, which create a superior beautiful light with clean burning.

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