20 x 254mm Taper Candles

Our tapered candle is a narrow cylindrical candle that narrows slightly from a wider base to a conical tip.

All candles in this category are 20mm in diameter and 254mm in height.

  • Wax Catcher Bobeche – Suitable for all dinner candles 8mm to 22mm diameter


    Wax Catcher Our wax catchers are an easy way to keep the melted wax in check making the clean-up quick and convenient. 110 x 110mm 16mm perforated cross is prepared in the middle to hold candles. Suitable for candles with diameters from 8mm up to 22mm. Recyclable after use.  

  • Dining Candles Tapered 12 Pack 20 x 254mm Assorted Colours


    All burn times advertised are approximate and may vary due to the environmental circumstances in which the product is used for. Fine bright colours manufactured for you, your customer or your amazing event ahead. Australian made, clean burning candles. Only the outer core of our candles are coloured. This allows less colour to pollute the air and it creates a clean burning candle. It also is much better for you.

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