Product Information

It is most important to select the correct diameter and height of the candles

rawLight is providing detailed information on all our candles and related candle wares such as glass plates, holders etc.

This is a guide only and is created to assist in choosing the correct size and/or colour for you, your event or customer(s) rawLight Design Pty Limited cannot be held responsible for incorrect choices made.

Candle Measurements

rawLight Candles measures all items as follows;

Diameter in millimetres and the Height in millimetres

Example: Product Code: 75150P a rawLight pillar candle = 75mm diameter and 150mm height.

Glass Measurements


Product Code: 5564C a rawLight glass votive cup = 55mm diameter x 64mm height C = Clear

Colour Descriptions

The bottom is a dark green the top is a light green and it has a matt green splash

S or SPL = Splashed

Colour coded i.e. 1APW – Aqua bottom purple top & white splash | 2BL – Blue candle & matt blue splash

AQ – Aqua

1APW – Aqua Purple & White

BK – Black

2BL – Blue

BR – Brown

CUST – Custom Colourway

COP – Copper

GRN – Green

IV – Ivory

OAP – Orange Aqua & Purple (matt colours only)

ONG – Orange

PK – Pink

PPL – Purple

RB – Rainbow

RD – Red

SWA – Sand White & Aqua (matt colours only)

WHT – White

Unique Colourways

BJT – A unique colourway named after the creator

BKF – Black Frost

MGF – Metallic Gold Frost

MSF – Metallic Silver Frost

PKF – Pink Frost

Mono S – Monochrome Straight

Mono D – Monochrome Diagonal

Mono B – Monochrome Bend

Christmas Colourways

Colour coded i.e. 3RGW – Red bottom Green top & White splash | 4WS – White candle & Silver splash

3RGW – Red Green & White

RWG – Red White & Green

GRW – Green Red & White

WRG – White Red & Green

RWGD – Red White & Gold

COP – Copper

WG – White & Gold

4WS – White & Silver

SC – Single Coloured

AQ – Aqua

LT BL – Light Blue

DK BL – Dark Blue

LT BR – Light Brown

DK BR – Dark Brown

ONG – Orange

LT GRN – Light Green

DK GRN – Dark Green

RD – Red

MET SR – Metallic Silver

MT RD – Metallic Red

MT GD – Metallic Gold

BURG – Burgundy

YLW – Yellow

BK – Black

GREY – Grey

LT PPL – Light Purple

DK PPL – Dark Purple

HT PK – Hot Pink

PK – Pink

Glow Lanterns

rawLight manufactures 3 sizes of glow lanterns: 250OGL | 300OGL | 400OGL

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