Straight Dinner Candles ~ 22 x 400mm ~ Custom Design

Straight Dinner Candles ~ 22 x 400mm ~ Custom Design

Hello and welcome to the custom made candles pages of rawLight.

We are delighted to assist you selecting the perfect candle and colourway for your upcoming event.

It is important that we understand what your needs are. So please take your time to complete all details.

Custom candles for your next event are a must, so let’s get started.

You have selected the 22 x 400mm straight candle.

Pictures displayed are standard pictures and do not reflect your custom designed colourways.

We do charge a design and revision fee as you will see below. It is recommended to order at least 24 candles for your upcoming event.


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By proceeding with your order, you agree that a $80.00 design fee will be charged on top of your order. You will have 2 free of charge revisions to get things perfect for your upcoming event.
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Below gallery is a small snapshot of what we can do for you.

These Dining Candles have been developed with premium quality in mind. From dependable burning performance to high-quality construction and professional presentation, these candles will create an incredible ambiance for any occasion. Available in a wide range of vibrant colours & finishes, you can be confident in finding the perfect design to fulfil your needs. Made from high-quality food-grade paraffin wax, our waxes are free from heavy metals & toxins and are FDA certified. We use gorgeous 100% cotton wicks, which create a superior beautiful light with clean burning.

rawLight always endeavors to produce items in their correct colourways. Actual finished products and their colourways may differ from sample pictures or from pictures on our website, mobile devices, social media platforms, text messages and so on. What may look like an imperfection is actually the uniqueness of a handmade product.

None of our candles are coloured all the way through. It always affects the burning quality where candle dye soaks into the wick and creates several issues. It’s also for the health of our customers as the dye can make the candle burn dirty. All our candles are loving handmade and all our staff constantly cleanse themselves and their chakras allowing the candles to hold the greatest unconditional energy for all our customers. Colours on a computer, tablet or phone screen may vary to the real manufactured item.


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1-Colour Plain, BJT Design, Frosted, Pastels, Splashed

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