• Golden Soy Wax 464


    Golden Wax (GW464) is a blended soy candle wax that contains soy-based additives. Popular amid candle makers the world over, GW464 creates easy, consistent and beautiful candles. FDA approved and Kosher certified, GW464 gives a smooth and creamy appearance and better glass adhesion, due to its low melt point. It can also be poured at hotter temperatures, reducing frosting and increasing the fragrance load. However, GW464 Soy Wax can be a little too soft for the Australian summer heat and it is not suitable for candle moulds. GW464 blends well with paraffin wax, slack wax and micro-crystalline waxes. Instructions Heat GW464 wax flakes to 70-75°C and stir continuously until completely melted. Add colour and fragrances and any other additives at recommended amounts between 70-75°C. Stir until colour and fragrance are completed dissolved and mixed through. Recommended pouring temperature = 51 – 62°C. Keep cooling candle away from drafts or rapid temperature changes. Allow wax to set before trimming wick.

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