What we do prior shipping your goods

All shipments we dispatch are transit warranted / insured to their values.

All items are photographed prior being packed.

We use tissue paper, news / butchers paper and we supply all items in extra thick cardboard boxes.

Where we can, (if the carrier allows this) we add fragile stickers on the cartons.

Each carton is thoroughly checked prior to shipment.

We use various carriers to ship our goods to you.

We wrap and pack the goods as good as we possibly can to avoid damages.

In the unlikely event damages occur, we are required to follow strict procedures to claim the damages.

Claiming Procedure Timeframe

We are required to make contact and file a claim within 48 hours of delivery of your goods. If delivery takes place on Friday afternoon, the following Monday will still be within the claiming timeframe.

Claims from you, retail or wholesale outside this timeframe are not accepted as the insurance / warranty department of the carriers do not accept this.

The outcome of your claim is outside of our control is up to the discretion of the carriers warranty and insurance department and providers.

Claiming Procedure