Prayer Candles

  • Wish & Spell Candles ~ Coloured


    Spiritual Spell Wish & Prayer Candles. A beautiful Australian handmade product and an all time favorite for your spells, events and wish upon any time of the year. Approximate burn times; 13 x 120mm – Up to 2 hours, packed per 100 pieces. 13 x 195mm – Up to 3.5 hours, packed per 50 pieces. 16.5 x 130mm – Up to 3 hours, packed per 24 pieces. Coming Soon!

  • Dinner Candles ~ Beeswax


    Our Beeswax Candles. The wonderfully sweet aroma with 100% natural and sustainable, Australian sourced beeswax. All burn times advertised are approximate and may vary due to the environmental circumstances in which the product is used for. rawLight always endeavours to produce items in their correct colourways. Actual finished products and their colourways may differ from sample pictures or from pictures on our website, mobile devices, social media platforms, text messages and so on. What may look like an imperfection is actually the uniqueness of a handmade product.

  • Wicca Ritual Candles


    12 x 100mm, 13 x 120mm, 13 x 195mm, 21 x 175mm and 21 x 250mm are all packed per 9 pieces, 22 x 400mm is packed per 6 pieces. Candle magic is one of the simplest forms of spell casting, and as such, it doesn’t require a lot of fancy ritual or ceremonial tools. In other words, anyone with a candle can cast a spell. Think back to when you made a wish before you blew out the candles on your birthday cake. The same idea applies to candle magic, only instead of just hoping for your wish to come true, you're declaring your intent. If you think about it, the birthday candle ritual is based on three key magical principles: Decide on a goal. Visualize the end result. Focus your intent, or will, to manifest that result. Continued in description below.  

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