Saint Anne 22 x 400mm


  • Saint Anne
  • Our religious candles are a unique design.
  • No finish can be exactly the same.
  • Hand made in small batches.
  • Please allow 5+ working days for dispatch.
  • 22 x 400mm dinner candle.
  • 100% cotton wick.
  • In some occasions the picture does not reflect the icon.

If you have a preferred icon you would like placed on the candles of Saint Anne, feel free to upload below. You automatically agree to replace the existing icon.


Tradition holds that St. Anne, or Ann, is the mother of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus. There is no mention of Anne in the bible. Non-biblical books from the early Christian centuries acknowledge Mary’s parents as Joachim and Anne. These sources claim that Joachim and Anne were childless for many years of their marriage. The angel Gabriel appeared to them separately and declared that they would in fact bear a child who must be dedicated to God. Hence, Anne became the mother of our Blessed Virgin Mary.

Made universal by Pope Gregory XIII, the church celebrates her feast day along with Joachim, on July 26th. St. Anne, Hebrew for Hannah, meaning “grace”, eventually became the patron saint of married women and childless couples. Artistic representations show St. Anne with her child Mary on her lap holding Christ Jesus.

rawLight always endeavors to produce items in their correct colourways. Actual finished products and their colourways may differ from sample pictures or from pictures on our website, mobile devices, social media platforms, text messages and so on. What may look like an imperfection is actually the uniqueness of a handmade product.


By ordering this product, you agree that all coloured items are handmade.
Please understand that any products with gold could change with the environment to a greenish matt.
This may occur overnight, within a few days after receiving your order or , it may not occur at all.
Re-orders will never have the same finish.
All our candles are a form of art and the uniqueness of the imperfection is what makes this product stand out.

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Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions45 × 10 × 10 cm