Premium Tea Lights

Premium tea lights being such a versatile candle, tea lights are an easy product to sell. Even though they are such a reliable seller, it is important not to skimp on quality. Many tea lights leave a lot of room for improvement. Their flimsy construction, low-quality wax and tiny flame can be the undoing of an otherwise amazing display. This is why we developed our own. 

Dependable quality after many years of real-world experience and practical innovation, we have developed our own brand of tea lights that you can sell with confidence.We have been careful to achieve optimum burning performance while keeping costs down. This helps us achieve incredible value for money. We do of all this while maintaining ethical production practices. Innovation Where It Counts

From the use of high-quality food-grade paraffin wax, 100% cotton wicks, and recycled aluminium tins and poly cups, we haven’t compromised in our choice of materials. You are getting the very best.We have designed our tea lights to maintain their shape, and keep the wick centered throughout the burn to provide a clean large solid flame. Many tea lights take a long time get reach full brightness, if they ever do. Our tealights warm up fast, and keep a strong bright light right til the end.The classic rawLight flame we are known for. Available in 5 and 9 hour we have 10 and 50 packs of our 5 hour and 9 hour tea lights, in stock and ready to go! Presented in attractive packaging, our tea lights are easily sold as a perfect companion for any number of products. Choose from a aluminium or a clear poly cup. Custom made with a difference. We have been making our custom made candles in Australia for the last 17 years, and they are still walk off the shelves! All our colourways are available in all our candles and wax lanterns, and in multiple finishes.

The rawLight experience with many years in the industry, we are able to provide our customers with products and advice that takes the guesswork out of the equation. Our practical knowledge and commitment to service is what keeps our customers coming back. 
rawLight Your Candle Specialist
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