Vermont Aluminium Dining Candle Stick Holders


Vermont Candle Holder Set – Korova Black 2.5

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The Vermont holders are designed and manufactured to fit your rawLight candles.

Standard fitting of 2.5mm which is mainly used for our BJT dining and J-Style Milkspray dining candles.

Also included in this item are fittings for rawLight dining candles with a smaller diameter of 24mm and 22mm

Fittings for both sizes are available for bulk buy as well.

This range is presented in Black, White and Gold finishes

Below video is explanatory for the use of the fittings.

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm
Vermont Colours

Astra White, Gloria Gold, Korova Black


Amber, Aqua, Aqua & Brown, Aqua & White, Aqua Brown & Cream, Aqua Grey & White, Aqua Purple & White, Aqua Silver & Gunmetal Grey, Aqua Silver & Navy, Aqua Silver & White, Beeswax, Black, Black & Gold, Black & Silver, Black Frost, Black Red & Gold, Blue, Blue & Gold, Blue & Silver, Brown, Brown & Gold, Burgundy, Candle Holders, Candle Supplies, Clear, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Dark Green, Dark Purple, Frosted, Green, Green & Black, Green & White, Green Red & White, Grey, Grey & Gold, Grey Silver & White, Ivory, Light Blue, Light Brown, Light Green, Light Purple, Lime Green, Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Monochrome, Mulberry, Navy Blue & Gold, Orange, Orange & Brown, Orange Aqua & Purple, Pink, Pink Frost, Pink White & Gold, Pink White & Silver, Purple, Rainbow, Red, Red & Black, Red & Gold, Red & White, Red White & Gold, Red White & Green, Red White & Silver, Teal, Warm Whites, White, White & Copper, White & Copper Frost, White & Gold, White & Gold Frost, White & Silver, White & Silver Frost, White Australian Made, Yellow


100B White, 12100 Single Coloured, 12100-7 Splashed, 12100-9 Splashed, 13120 Single Coloured, 13120-7 Splashed, 13195 Single Coloured, 13195-7 Splashed, 150150P Single Coloured, 150150P Splashed, 15075P Rainbow, 15075P Single Coloured, 15075P Splashed, 20200 BJT, 20200 Single Coloured, 20200 Splashed, 20254 Single Coloured, 21175 BJT, 21175 FROST, 21175 JS, 21175 Single Coloured, 21175 Splashed, 21250 BJT, 21250 Single Coloured, 21250 Splashed, 21400T BJT, 21400T FROST, 21400T JS, 21400T Single Coloured, 21400T Snake, 21400T Spiral, 21400T Splashed, 22300 BJT, 22300 FROST, 22300 JS, 22300 Single Coloured, 22300 Snakes, 22300 Spirals, 22300 Splashed, 22400S BJT, 22400S FROST, 22400S JS, 22400S Single Coloured, 22400S Splashed, 3845P Single Coloured, 3845P Splashed, 50110P BJT, 50110P FROST, 50110P JS, 50110P Single Coloured, 50110P Splashed, 50150P BJT, 50150P FROST, 50150P JS, 50150P Single Coloured, 50150P Splashed, 5050P BJT, 5050P FROST, 5050P JS, 5050P Single Coloured, 5075P BJT, 5075P FROST, 5075P JS, 5075P Single Coloured, 5075P Splashed, 60130 BJT, 60130P FROST, 60130P JS, 60130P Single Coloured, 60130P Splashed, 60200 BJT, 60200P FROST, 60200P JS, 60200P Single Coloured, 60200P Splashed, 60250 BJT, 60250P FROST, 60250P JS, 60250P Single Coloured, 60250P Splashed, 60300B, 70200C, 70200C White, 70300C White, 75110P BJT, 75110P FROST, 75110P JS, 75110P Single Coloured, 75110P Splashed, 75150P BJT, 75150P FROST, 75150P JS, 75150P Single Coloured, 75150P Splashed, 75230P BJT, 75230P FROST, 75230P JS, 75230P Single Coloured, 75230P Splashed, 7575P BJT, 7575P FROST, 7575P JS, 7575P Single Coloured, 7575P Splashed, 7F1016 Rainbow, 80B BJT, 80B Single Coloured, 80B Splashed, 90110PY Single Coloured, 90110PY Splashed, 90110PY White, 90150PY Single Coloured, 90150PY Splashed, 90150PY White, 90200PY Single Coloured, 90200PY Splashed, 90200PY White, Australian Made Candles, Ball Aud., Beeswax, Candle Holders, Candle Holders – Other, Candle Supplies, Christmas Trees, Figurine 15512, Figurine 16512, Figurine 6113, Figurine 6138, Figurine 6139, Figurine 6140, Figurine 6141, Figurine 6218, Figurine 6219, Figurine 6220, Figurine 6299, Figurine 6390, Figurine 6398, Floating 7F1016 Single Coloured, Floating 7F1016 Splashed, Floating 810F96 BJT, Floating 810F96 Single Coloured, Floating 810F96 Splashed, FLOWER CANDLE, Glass Holders & Acc., Glow Lanterns 200L, Glow Lanterns 200L BJT, Glow Lanterns 200L Washed, Glow Lanterns 20195L, Glow Lanterns 20195L BJT, Glow Lanterns 20195L Washed, Glow Lanterns 300L, Glow Lanterns 300L BJT, Glow Lanterns 300L Washed, Glow Lanterns 400L, Glow Lanterns 400L BJT, Glow Lanterns 400L Washed, NON INVENTORY, NOT FOR LABEL PRINT, NOT IN USE, Pillar Aud., Pyramid Aud.100B Splashed, Rainbow, Religious, Religious Ceremony, Religious Icon, Shaped Aud., Warm Whites, White, White AUD Made, Wicca Candles


1, 10, 100, 12, 18, 2, 20, 200, 24, 3, 4, 50, 6, 8, 9

SKU: Vermont Candle Holders Category: Tag: Brands: ,

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